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All are welcome at Suncoast Squares. We are an LGBT+ square dance club that fosters a supportive, entertaining and highly social environment.  You can read more about our renowned community spirit on Our Social Side page.  


You do not need a partner to dance with us - a member of our club is always available to dance with singles. We dance to contemporary music and keep the pace lively and fun. In addition to weekly class nights, we throw dances regularly, including our annual 4-day Fly-In weekend traditionally held over the long Presidents Day weekend in mid-February. Many of our members become friends beyond square dancing, and we also organize lots of informal, inclusive social events for those interested.


Introductory and intermediate classes are typically taught at least twice per year.  Dress is always casual, and comfortable shoes are recommended for ease of dancing. For more practical tips and FAQ answers, see our New Dancer Info page.

We also roll out the red carpet returning dancers who have been away from square dance for awhile. We can help returning dancers figure out which returning level works best for them.

Since 2004, we have been one of more than 50 clubs comprising the IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs). We tend to think of as other IAGSDC Club members as extended family and look forward to seeing them every year at different dances, weekend fly-in's (each club's annual extended dance weekend) and at the amazing annual IAGSDC Convention. No one is ever required to travel, but visiting other clubs' dances helps you become a better dancer and meet many terrific people.

We are also members of the West Coast Square and Round Dance Association.

For additional information on classes and dances, please contact Dan Mutschler 678-656-2523.

FYI, LGBTQ+ refers to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Nonbinary, Straight and their friends!

Pride Flags

The Costume Club?

Some might say we have a penchant for costumes. It's not our fault that there are so many fun themes and costumes out there. No one is forced to dress up... but doesn't it look fun?!

Suncoast Squares 52_resize.jpeg

Dancing Under the Palms,

by the Clear Blue Sea 

Every year folks come from all over to dance with us by — and sometimes in — the ocean. We sneak in outdoor dance tips when we can in the beautiful Suncoast weather.


During COVID times, we even pioneered dancing outside with hula-hoops to encourage social distancing. 


Veteran square dance caller JR St Jean is our new primary Club caller. JR originally served as the Club Caller for our sister club, Hotlanta Squares, for almost a decade before other work obligations  required him to move to Florida. JR has been involved in the square dancing community for more than 40 years. He loves to call innovative dance choreography to upbeat, modern music. He calls from Mainstream/Beginner through Challenge level.

JR is a past recipient of the Businessman of the Year Award from the Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. He is also a certified professional photographer.

Our Caller

JR St Jean.jpg

Meet our Board

You can reach our Board members at suncoastsquares [@] 


Dan Mutschler

suncoastsquares [at]


Alan F.


Ross Pickereign.jpg

Ross P.

Member at Large


Rachael R.


Blase Smith

Co-Vice President

suncoastsquares [at]

Board Meetings

Board   Meetings

Board meetings are open to all Suncoast Squares members. For the date and location of the next Board Meeting, please see our Calendar and Announcements. If you are interested in attending, please contact any Board member to double-check location and time.

To contact the Board, send an email to suncoastsquares [@}

Membership Basics

Membership Basics

You only need to think about officially joining Suncoast Squares after you have finished an introductory class. If you are new to dancing, please refer to our New Dancer Information page.

If you're to the point where you want to consider membership, don't worry -- our membership fee is one of the cheapest in all of IAGSDC. Our current membership fee is only $15/person (subject to change) for the entire year.  Dancers typically pay some amount per session to dance, and club members receive discounted admission to many dances. Members also receive other benefits, including a discounted club member badge and, for those attending the annual Convention, a club vest. 

Starting for the 2022 year, members will be able to pay their annual membership via PayPal by clicking on the button below.  [This function will become live in December 2021.]

Club Bylaws

Club   Bylaws

You can access our official updated Club Bylaws here.

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