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See Our Social Side

See Our Social Side

Some call us a friendship group with a dancing habit. At Suncoast Squares we pride ourselves on what a fun social community we foster on and off the dance floor. Many of our group members become close friends who spend considerable time together in our non-dancing lives as well. {In non-COVID times} our members routinely join one another for restaurants, movies, plays, the opera, walking groups, the beach, the ocean, picnics, museums, bars, foreign trips, cruises and pretty much every other social outlet you can imagine.



The greater St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay area has long been a relocation destination for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. Suncoast Squares is proud that we provide a community resource for many area newcomers who are looking for a new social activity and friends. Regardless of whether you are a new or long-time resident or are just passing through town, we can provide you with a welcoming social atmosphere and a lot of laughs both on and off the dance floor. 



Beyond the Dance Floor:

We Make Even More Great Memories Together...

Social Gallery

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